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Vlastimil Tetiva

theoretician of fine art

Richard Konvička's work was and is up-to-date and is not easy to understand. He has his informed interprets (e.g. Richard Drury, Ivan Neumann), who have written the most important about it. Probably, even I can join them. Every new attempt at his ”portrait“ cannot avoid once already written. The author paints and also destructs. This seemingly ironic expression gives a true picture of the art program his work, points out the essential expressionistic and content components of his paintings, where sensuality softens (disturbs?, corrects?) the mind. Konvička´s art is stormy, stimulates, provokes; but it is also kind and especially human to be always contemporary in all these levels ... more

Richard Drury

theoretician of fine art

Richard Konvička's domain is the story in which man faces up to himself in confrontation with the razor edges of the city. The artist's statement, his most personal feelings, are materialised in a small group of symbolic forms that envelop the pictorial space as the record of a hypersensitive psyche in the disruptive context of its being.

Konvička soak up impulses provided above all by roaming through the city and night. Unexpected, almost unreal perceptions, forbidden pleasures and savoured fear play a key role. Konvička's pictures represent fragments of specific experiences that mingle with a broader structure of repeated motifs relating to the unifying thread of his situations in life. The harshness of colour and form that pervades his work ultimately stems from the uncompromising character of someone who feels the need to fully explore the entire range of his creative outlook, to extremes if necessary.

Night by the Sea

Ivan Neumann

theoretician of fine art

Right at that time of night, it is as though the world has become one complete unit, a time-space continuum. As if the unfathomable ocean has changed places with the universe - the universe had become the sea and boundaries cease to exist. Perhaps here, as if man has no space, no task, no function, he is superfluous in this game of the universe.

In spite of this, he remains in the picture, like the centre of the action, perhaps even its reason. In the middle of night, the vertical lines of figures reveal ... more

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Vlastimil Tetiva (theoretician of fine art) wrote an article about Richard Konvička's work.